Environmental and Superfund Litigation

Although the expense and resource intensity of litigation often justify seeking other avenues to resolve disputes, at time litigation is the best or only available option. In these circumstances, we serve as vigorous advocates for our clients. We defend clients in government enforcement actions, appeal government permitting decisions and defend clients against government cost recovery claims. We also represent plaintiffs in prosecuting cost recovery and contractual claims. We defend toxic tort claims and represent clients in insurance claims and claims under federal and state statutes such as the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act, and RCRA. We litigate citizen suits brought under various federal and state statutes. We represented a Fortune 100 manufacturer and served as liaison counsel for a group of generators in the first large, multi-party Superfund landfill case to go to trial. After a 52-day trial before the Chief Judge in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the court entered a multi-million dollar verdict in favor of our client and the other members of the liaison group. As liaison counsel, we argued the appeal before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals which affirmed by judgment order the verdict in favor of our client and group. We also successfully argued the case before the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit establishing the initial controlling case law in that Circuit distinguishing cost recovery and contribution claims. We have handled numerous other environmental cases in federal and state courts throughout the country and before state administrative law judges.